Yarbo Audio Cables

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Yarbo Audio Cables

To complement our new collection of Yarbo products, we now offer a wide variety of their high-quality cables. These cables are designed for Interconnect, Mains, and Speaker usage.

If you're interested in learning more about each specific cable, its designated uses, and the plating materials used, we invite you to explore the links provided below.

SP-FC100: Yarbo Solid Flat Copper twisted Speaker Cable
SP-3000A: Yarbo OFHC Copper Speaker Cable
SP-4AAA: Yarbo Copper Silver plated braided Speaker Cable

SP-9000PW: Yarbo OFC Copper doubled shielded Mains Cable
SP-2200PW: Yarbo Copper Silver plated Mains Cable

SP-6802TC: Yarbo OCC Copper Interconnect cable

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