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Glasshouse 0.5W Shinkoh / Audio Note Tantalum Stepped Attenuator, Shunt version

View of Glasshouse Mono Shinkoh stepped attenuator

A superb series stepped attenuator, featuring the famous Japanese 0.5W Shinkoh resistors and the similar sounding Audio Note tantalum as the base resistor.  Regarded as the best attenuators Glasshouse make, offering clarity and neutrality throughout the frequency range.

Please note - Due to the limited range of values of our remaining stocks of Shinkoh 0.5W resistors we can only supply the 0.5W Shinkoh / Audio Note fitted entirely with the Audio Note 0.5W tantalum.

This stepped is available in various versions as mono, stereo or stereo balanced for the XLR users. Available as a kit or built up, 10K, 20K, 50K, 100K or 250K.  They can also be purchased with the Glasshouse passive pre-amp.

You have a choice of which switch  to use:
We have bypassed the Blue range of switches feeling that the Shinkoh is worthy of the better switches. So we have the Elma switch, using the 1 pole 24 way for the mono, the 2 pole 24 way for the stereo and the 4 pole 24 way for the balanced stereo. Then we have the sublime Seiden switches, with their fabulously smooth turning action. Here we use the 1 pole 23 way, mono, 2 pole 23 way, stereo and 4 pole 23 way for the balanced stereo.

Load resistor choice:
At each step of your attenuator the signal always passes through the load resistor, so making it a key component  and well worth an upgrade. The best you can buy is the Charcroft "Z" bulk foil, at 0.1% tolerance it offers amazing sound stage, also it carries incredible detail. Also we have on offer the Audio Note Tantalum 1W & 2W resistors, slightly improved on these are the Shinkoh 1W & 2W. We also have the Takman carbon and metal films at 1W, not forgetting the Mills 12W, a strange choise you may thing but amazingly good.

Have a read of Neville Roberts` review of the Glasshouse 43 Stepped attenuator where Neville listens to each in turn. The link is below.

As standard with this kit we supply the Audio Note Tantalum 0.5W resistor as your load resistor. If you were looking to upgrade the simply order the load resistors you want to use.  If you were ordering the 100K stepped attenuator and you wanted to upgrade to the Charcroft then simply order 1 off the 100K for mono, 2 off for stereo or 4 off for balanced stereo.

and the Elma 24 position switch, please note where we do not have the correct values in the Shinkoh we will supply the Audio Note Tantalum resistors in their place. Available as a kit or built up, 10K, 20K, 50K or 100K option. Mounting hole 10.2mm, 6mm diameter shaft, 15mm shaft length body dimensions 43mm L x (32mm dia. x 25mm dia.) Can be purchased with the Glasshouse passive pre-amp.

PRICE (1 off) excluding VAT+P&P

10K, 20K, 50K, 100K, 250K
mono on Elma 1 pole 24 way switch - £95.40 (kit) - £110.40 (built)
mono on Seiden 1 pole 23 way switch - £109.60 (kit) - £124.60 (built)
stereo on Elma 2 pole 24 way switch - £180.80 (kit) - £200.80 (built)
stereo on Seiden 2 pole 23 way switch - £199.20 (kit) - £219.20 (built)
stereo balanced Elma 4 pole 24 way - £381.60 (kit) - £416.60 (built)
stereo balanced on Seiden 4 pole 23 way - £372.40 (kit) - £407.40 (built)


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