Glasshouse Seiden 46 Way Stepped Attenuator, Shunt version

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Glasshouse Seiden 46 Way Series Stepped Attenuator

To compliment the new Seiden 1 pole and 2 pole 46 way switches we are proud to offer a version of the Glasshouse stepped attenuator range in SHUNT format. This amazing make before break switch is ideal for making stepped attenuators. Due to it`s larger size we are able to fit the larger of the ranges of resistors we carry.  Please note the 46 way has superceded the 43 way switch which is no longer available.

We are offering a choice of 7 resistor types, though bear in mind you can always buy the all important Series (load) resistors separately, like the outstanding Charcrofts. We have the 0.5W and 1W of the audio grade Takman carbons and metals, the 0.5W and 1W Audio Note Tantalum and finally the 0.75W Amtrans AMRG carbon films. (Please note that the Amtrans version is only available in 50K, 100K and 250K)

The stepped attenuator is available in the mono version (1 pole 46 way switch) and the stereo version (2 pole 46 way switch). It is available in kit form or fully built and tested. All parts are provided for assembly, including solder.

Please note that for the Audio Note Tantalum version the resistors values start at 10R so we would use Shinkoh Tantalum for the first 6 steps for the 10K and the first 4 steps of the 20K. 

PRICE (1 off) 10K, 20K, 50K, 100K & 250K (10K & 20K not available with Amtrans)
start from £195.81+vat+p&p


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