Khozmo Mono Shunt Stepped Attenuator, 48 step MKII

Khozmo Mono Shunt Stepped Attenuator, 48 step MKII

Khozmo Stepped Attenuator, Mono, 48 steps, SMD Shunt version, MK2.

  • SHUNT type: Only two resistors in signal path
  • Switching type: MBB (Make Before Break)
  • Number of steps: 48
  • Attenuation range: -60 dB ... 0 dB
  • Attenuation per step: steps 1 to 11 - 2dB, 12 to 48 - 1dB
  • Contact material: Hard gold, Entire signal path is gold
  • Polished wiper and contact pins
  • Extremely short signal path
  • Channel matching: +/-0.1 dB
  • Shunt resistors: Royal Ohm SMD 1% 1/10W, thin-film, metal, surface mount.
  • Series resistor (load resistors): 0.75W Amtrans AMRGs or upgrade to Charcroft Naked Z-foils, buy these additionally.
  • Mechanical life: > 50 000 cycles
  • CNC machined red anodized full metal body
  • Precision ball-bearing support
  • Shaft diameter x length: 6mm x 10mm
  • Bush diameter x length: 9 mm x 10mm
  • body dimension: 52mm (height, including exposed PCB) x 42mm (width) x 38mm (depth, front to back)
  • Indexing Angle: 7.2 deg
  • Chassis earth connection on the rear of PCB.

The Mark II version from Khozmo is now supplied with the 0.75W Amtrans AMRG carbon film resistor as standard for the all-important series, load resistor. Please note that we will be supplying the 20K resistor for the 20K version, 51K for the 50K version, and 240K for the 250K version. Please do not be concerned about the differences in resistance. The difference will be in-audible. The series, load resistor can be easily upgraded to other favoured resistors, such as the Charcroft Naked "Z-foil". Simply add this to your cart when you order and we will fit it to the stepped for you. The shunt resistors are Royal Ohm SMD 1% 1/10W, thin-film, metal, surface mount. The stepped attenuator offers incredibly good value and outstanding performance.

We do supply with fitted Series resistors. PICTURES DO NOT SHOW SERIES RESISTORS FITTED.

How to change torque: Use a 2mm hex key (Allen key). Set the position to 24 (start from zero volume and turn up) insert the hex key. Turn clockwise to increase torque and anti-clockwise to decrease torque.

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