ETI Research Copper Link Bayonet Banana Connectors

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ETI Research Copper Link Bayonet Banana Connectors

The ETI-Research LINK Banana is a very cost-effective but great-sounding connector. Known as a Sawtooth style of Banana. This design is unique in the way it will make a near-perfect connection between connector and terminal.

The punched and rolled Beryllium Copper is housed in a Brass Shell for the strength and stability for continuous plugging in and out. With twin screws to secure the wire strongly in place.

This has the advantage of securing a larger gauge of wire without the need of trying to solder.

The Aluminium Housing offers a fantastic rejection of EMI and RF radiation and with twin screws also for Wire Strain relief.

Sold in pairs, one with white writing, one with black writing.

Length: Overall 64mm, body, 45mm, banana 20mm.
Diameter: External body 15mm, banana 4.2mm.
Diameter: Internal body 11.3mm, maximum wire thickness 11.3mm.

Price (Per pair)
£58.00 +vat+p&p


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