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KLE Innovations Classic Harmony Binding Posts

KLE Innovations Classic Harmony Binding Posts

An innovative design from the KLEI audio connector manufacturers. Featuring high purity copper, silver-plated contacts, so a step up from the Naked version. They can receive a 4mm banana plug from the top providing good tight contact with ample surface area for fluid signal transfer. Also, they can receive 3mm bare wire from the side, utilising a novel washer that bears down on the wire without turning thus avoiding any shearing of the wire. Connection to the binding post is by soldering to the solder tag, no prolonged heating required to make a good join.


  • Overall length, including solder tag - 50mm
  • Widest diameter -17mm
  • Chassis cutout diameter - 8mm
  • Bush (internal section) - 7.8mm diameter x 17mm height
  • Fixing nut thickness - 5mm

PRICE (2 pairs, 2 red, and 2 black posts)
£62.00 +vat+p&p

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