WBT-0705 Cu nextgen pole terminal

WBT-0705 Cu nextgen pole terminal

nextgen™ pole terminal with signal conductor made of pure copper

Virtues of WBT plugs and terminals:

undistorted and low-loss transmission of current and the plug body and the mechanics are solid, reliable und secure (isolated).

The conventional “classic” connectors are almost always made of brass or brass sheet. They certainly fulfill their tasks, however not precisely enough.

The massive connector body works unavoidably as a mass storage, i.e. it creates a kind of “capacitor effect” and the greater and heavier the terminal, the greater the eddy current.

Both problems create clearly audible distortions of a non-linear kind and are as is generally known non-correctable. Those who attach great importance to “high-end” will have to deal with solving this problem.

This is why WBT nextgen™ is different:

Whereas brass is – independently of its
copper rate – first of all an all-purpose material performing ordinary functions, nextgen™ is composed of only functional materials:

For current/signal transmission a pure, soft copper is used – a material which is excellent not only in electrical conducting but can also be exactly dosed with the right production process. The metal mass could be reduced by approx. 90%, however with the disadvantage of mechanical stability. But there is also the power of hybrid construction. The injection moulding with high tech plastic generates not only a plug body with its mechanics but also stability of the “soft” signal conductors in a hybrid composition of highly specialized functional materials. The result of the innovative construction is just the ideal connector with considerably audible3 sound improvement: WBT nextgen™

External connection
The smart design of the signal conductor enables a secure termination of cable ends, banana plugs and crimped cable ends.

Mounting insulators are included to ensure not only insulated but also torsion-resistant mounting and polarity identification of the terminals. In case of hi-fi devices being strongly exposed to impact sound such as loudspeakers, it is recommended to use an additional nut locking aid which is the fluid screw retention LOCTITE 4804. It is matched with WBT high tech plastics, and it is removable. Besides, WBT recommends using the impact sound interrupter WBT-0718.

New from WBT a high quality, high purity silver pole terminal.

Sold individually with white or red markings.

PRICE (1 off)
£49.32 +vat+p&p

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