Elekit Amplifier Setup

Elekit Setup

Images from a valued customer of his setup centred around a The Elekit TU-8200R kit

With a description of his setup below,

  • VPI Classic 3 turntable with a Lyra Delos cartridge
  • ASR Mini Basis Exclusive Phono
  • Gamit CD3 player
  • ELEKIT TU-8500DX pre amp C/WTakman resistors, Audio Note / Amtrans caps. Am waiting on the Shindo so it can move back upstairs into the office
  • Silver Circle Audio power and speaker cables (Dave has now retired but we keep in touch).
  • Silver Circle & Duelund interconnects (Duelunds are homemade and don't sound too bad).
  • Omega Super Alnico XRS speakers. - I met Louis years ago and have had many pairs of his speakers. The cunning plan to upgrade to the Super Alnico High Output XRS. I've another pair of his monitors upstairs that I use a TU-8200R DX on.

I also have a NAS music server on my network and hence the Tri DAC (there is normally a MAC mini & Hiface 2 in there too). The FM4 is just being stored at the moment as I ran out of inputs!

Elekit Amplifier


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