Testing Loudspeakers by J D`Appolito - code 5005

Loudspeakers are everywhere in our daily lives. Their fascinating technology has become the subject of intense study and amazing quality advances over the last three decades. But despite all that, the methods of measuring just how good any particular loudspeaker actually is has not been very well documented. Up to now, that is.

What you hold in your hands is the first comprehensive and solidly authoritative account of just how loudspeakers may be reliably tested. Also, and not incidentally, such knowledge leads to better design, since the measurement techniques you will learn in these pages provide all the clues you need to refine your speakers components to improve its performance.

What's in Testing Loudspeakers?. The author spells out in his very first chapter:

"To my knowledge, there is currently no well-organized tutorial reference on loudspeaker testing for the experienced hobbyist or technician. This book is intended to fill that gap.

"I believe a book on loudspeaker testing must take more than a simple "how-to" approach. It must present in an interesting and intuitive way enough applicable theory-and supported with specific examples- from electrical, mechanical, and acoustical engineering. This should enable you to select appropriate tests and conduct them in a manner that will minimize errors and maximize the amount of useful information obtained from them.

"To accomplish this goal the book must be tutorial. I have spent a great deal of time explaining the background material needed to understand loudspeaker testing. Many examples are presented to make the concepts clear. All examples are taken from real tests. There are no made up academic exercises. Chapters typically contain 60-80 or more figures and tables describing real experiments or tests. In many cases you can follow the step-by-step procedures, seeing all of the intermediate results to the final result."

Key Topics

  • Basic speaker testing
  • Driver testing
  • Equipment for testing
  • Acoustic testing
  • PC based testing
  • Using CLIO
  • Using MLSSA

Book Specifications

  • Paperback
  • Black and white print
  • 174 pages
  • 215mm x 280mm
  • 575g



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