Glasshouse Mains Cable No.1 (UK / Schuko Plug)

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Glasshouse Mains Cable No.1 Kit

To celebrate the arrival of Duelund`s DCA12GA 600Vdc cable, we have created a solderless Glasshouse mains cable kit featuring the Kaiser IEC plug (straight, right-angled and 90-degree version are optional) with the UK Permaplug or Kaiser Schuko EU plug. All plug types are silver-plated. The kit is available in 4 lengths, 0.75m, 1m, 1.5m, and 2m. Also, we can build it up for you if desired for a £50.00 + VAT fee.

This is the perfect start-up kit for the beginner who would like to see the improvements that can be made with upgraded HiFi parts. No soldering is required as we are using the WBT-0435 cable end sleeves on this build; also, the cost is incredibly inviting, only £43.13 + VAT for a 0.75m IEC lead with UK Permaplug.

To construct, you will need the following:

  1. Phillips screwdriver
  2. Flathead screwdriver
  3. Crimping pliers/pliers
  4. Wire cutters
  5. Heat gun
  6. Multimeter


  1. Cut your DCA12GA 600Vdc cable into three equal lengths.
  2. Cut 2 x 1.5mm of red heat shrink and 2 x 1.5mm of blue. As the wire is only available in black, you need to mark the ends for wiring. So on one length of wire, shrink the RED heat-shrink 4cm from the end of each wire - this is the LIVE wire. Use a heat gun. For one length of wire, shrink the BLUE heat-shrink at each end (4cm from each end) -this is the NEUTRAL wire. Leave the remaining wire untouched - this is the EARTH wire.
  3. Strip 5mm of wire from one end of each wire length; be careful not to cut any strands. Use good wire strippers or a sharp Stanley knife. Slowly twist the exposed wire with your fingers in the same rotation as it is made. Twist on in the same direction the WBT-0434 cable end sleeves with the slightly flanged end furthest from the wire end.
  4. With crimping pliers, crimp around the wire. Cut off the excess cable end sleeve with no wire inside and round it off, ready for insertion later.
  5. Do the same for the other two wires.
  6. Open up the Mains plug and insert the wires in the correct location. Remembering your colour codes of the heat shrink from No. 2, the Mains plug is marked L for LIVE, N for NEUTRAL and an earth sign for EARTH.
  7. There are two ways to gather the wire: twist or plait. If you want to twist, cut 4cm lengths of the 12.7mm heat shrink, 1 per every 20cm of cable length you make. Hold the UK plug-in a vice. Slowly twist the wire. Every 15 to 20cm of length, shrink a 4cm length of heat shrink. This will keep the twist in form. If you want to plait the wire, put the Permaplug in the vice and plait away.
  8. Cover the twisted or plaited wire with ABS-sleeving. Cut 7cm of 12.7mm heat shrink and shrink at the mains plug end, allowing the heat shrink to enter the plug but still having enough space to seal, keeping it neat. Fit the cable clamp and fit the two parts of the mains plug together.
  9. Cut 7cm of the 12.7 heat shrink and place over the ABS for later.
  10. Open up the IEC plug, line up the wires, and trim if necessary. Remember to use the same colour codes, and the IEC is marked up with L for LIVE, N for NEUTRAL, and the earth sign for EARTH.
  11. Strip 7mm of wire from one end of each wire length. Twist on in the same direction the WBT-0435 cable end sleeves.
  12. With crimping pliers, crimp around the wire. Cut off the excess cable end sleeve with no wire inside and round it off, ready for insertion later.
  13. Do the same for the other two wires.
  14. Fit the terminated wire ends in the correct socket. Pull up the heat shrink and shrink to clean up the end. You can`t use the clamp in the IEC plug as the wires are too thick.
  15. With the multimeter on the resistor, the setting ensures that LIVE at the mains plug end is connected to LIVE at the IEC end. NEUTRAL to NEUTRAL and EARTH to EARTH. Ensure nothing else is connected. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT
  16. Now you are ready to plug in. Enjoy

Contents: (for a 1m mains cable kit):

  1. 3m Duelund DCA12GA 600Vdc tinned copper multistrand wire in Polycast sleeving
  2. 1 x Permaplug Silver Plated UK Mains Plug OR Kaiser Schuko EU Plug
  3. 1 x Kaiser Female IEC plug, Silver Plated (straight version, as shown in picture) OR 1 x Kaiser Female IEC plug, Right Angled, Silver Plated OR 1 x Kaiser Female IEC plug, C13 90 degree Angled, Silver Plated
  4. 50cm x HTSB12.7, Black heat-shrink 2:1, 12.7mm diameter (1m)
  5. 3cm x HTSB4.8,Blue heat-shrink 2:1, 4.8mm diameter (1m)
  6. 3cm x HTSB4.8, Red heat-shrink 2:1, 4.8mm diameter (1m)
  7. 6 x WBT-0435 Copper cable end sleeve, AWG 13, 2.1mm dia (5 for Schuko)
  8. 1m x ABS15: ABS Expandable Sleeving 15mm

Price (from)
£43.13 +vat +p&p

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