Psvane MK2 T-Series 211-T, Premium Grade Valve, matched pair

Psvane MK2 T-Series 211-T, Premium Grade Valve, matched pair

The 211-T-MII / 2 Psvane Reference Mark II T-Series is supplied as pair. PSVANE Mark-II Reference T-Series: Teflon base with anodized aluminium casing: The tubes of the MKII series use high-quality Teflon material to provide the best insulation to achieve.

The amber-coloured anodized casing of the Teflon base avoids the unpleasantness of other metal enclosures corrosion as well as fingerprints and so receives the noble appearance of the tubes. logo and serial number:

The Psvane MKII series gets its logo and engraved serial number into the socket. The engraving is oriented so that the motives always point in the same and to ensure a uniform image. The view of the nobly shaped glass bulb of the tubes thus remains undimmed. glass quality: For the MKII series a higher quality glass quality is used. This benefits the reliability and stability of the tubes and the weight is slightly higher than in comparable tubes from other manufacturers. Sound Quality: The MKII series offers superior sound quality.

The new materials and advanced craft techniques lead to a further improvement in sound quality. Even in comparison to the already outstanding tubes of the Psvane Mark I T series can stand out with a practically perfect three-dimensionality space and clarity of the vocals, the new Mark II series.

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