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CHOKE-200, Plate Load Choke, 450H 15mA

CHOKE-200, Plate Load Choke, 450H 15mA

Ideally used as a plate load choke, effectively replacing the anode resistor in a voltage amplifier. Very popular within the DIY community. The Choke-200 offers an incredibly high inductance, in the region of 450H, with a rating of 15mA.
They are on a copper open frame, they can be mounted anyway round. With red and black leadouts measuring around 30cm in length. 
Sold individually. 

DC resistance: 
Overall weight: 
Overall size: 
66mm height x 80mm width x 68mm depth
Fixing holes:
Centers on a square of 55mm x 55mm

Price 1 off:


Big Picture: 

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