Duelund CAST Range

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Duelund Silver CAST DC capacitor

The CAST Capacitor ranges are Duelund's no holds barred flagship capacitors. Available in multiple materials, forms and voltages.

The construction builds on the foundation of the Virtual Stack Foil (VSF) design but does so with the addition of a proprietary WPIO dielectricum which necessitates several days of impregnation under high pressure. This creates a form with incredible damping properties giving mechanical stability hitherto unheard of.

On top of this casting process, a ring of hard-pressed paper strengthens the damping properties of the design helping music flow effortlessly.

Featuring the outer lead out, closest to the edge of the capacitor, is connected to the outer foil and as such should be connected to the lowest impedance path to ground.

The Duelund CAST capacitor is available at 100Vdc for speaker use and at a voltage of 630Vdc for DC applications. Available in either Pure Copper or Pure Silver.

The Duelund CAST PIO 100Vdc
The 100Vdc ranges being designed for speaker use. While we stock a large number of values in the Pure Copper range. The Pure Silver is ordered from Duelund by request. Leadtimes could be up to 6 months for certain values.

  • Pure Copper (CASTCU) 0.1uF to 40uF
  • Pure Silver (CASTAG) 0.01uF to 8.2uF please email us for a quote if we do not stock the value you are looking for

The Duelund CAST PIO 630Vdc
For signal applications in amplifiers and pre-amplifiers. The cylindrical shape is standard with this design. They are rated at 630Vdc and are available in:

  • Pure Copper (CASTDCCU) 0.22uF to 2.2uF
  • Pure Silver (CASTDCAG) 0.1uF to 2.2uF

The Duelund CAST PIO Hybrid Copper/Silver Capacitors 630Vdc - 0.47uF
The excellent features of the existing CAST range, only with Silver and Copper leadouts.

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