Evox Rifa Metallized Paper X2 Capacitors PME271M

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Evox Rifa Metallized Paper X2 Capacitors - PME271M

Evox Rifa PME271M are metallized paper X2 capacitors with superb EMI Suppression properties. They feature a high dielectric constant with excellent self-healing properties and transient handling capabilities. The metallized paper capacitors develop a high ionization level due to the impregnated dielectric material and maintain outstanding reliability in mains connected and other low frequency applications. They are constructed of a multi-layer metallized paper dielectric encapsulated and impregnated in self-extinguishing material.  Typical applications of these fine capacitors are interference suppressors but they are also very popular as signal capacitors in Audio equipment. Evox Rifa are the last remaining manufacture of metallized paper capacitors.

They are classified as X2 capacitors. X2 capacitors are used in positions where a failure of the capacitor would not expose anybody to danger of electric shock. Both PME271M and PME264 capacitors meet the most stringent IEC humidity class, 56 days; while maintaining the highest possible safety regarding active and passive flammability.


  • X2 Class, rated at 275Vac
  • Self-extinguishing UL 94V-0 encapsulation material
  • Excellent self-healing properties
  • High dU/dt capability
  • Small dimensions
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Interference Suppressors
  • X2 Applications, Across-the-Line
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