Dexa Technologies NewClassD Soft Start / DC Filter

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Dexa Technologies NewClassD Soft Start / DC Filter

A product specifically designed to apply a soft start and effective DC filter to the circuit it is connected to. Thus preventing the massive rush of current when high current devices are turned on, such as valve amplifiers. Ths commonly causes stress to rectifier and power supply capacitors and can blow fuses and overload switches. With this soft start circuit, the mains is connected slowly and smoothly to the power supply preventing any problems. The DC Filter conditions the mains power, and removes the DC component. This will stop your transformer from mechanically humming.

Effectively the board is wired to the mains, with a live, neutral and earth connecting directly to the board via a screw terminal block. The middle terminal of the mains input is an optional earth connection for the Y mains filter portion. You can use it to connect your chassis to the earth of the IEC mains lead.  You can additionally connect up a switch to the offline power controller, which can also function as mains switch. A LED is fitted to display the ON or OFF mode. These are of course offline, so no special safety precautions have to be observed. They are supplied in the "ON" position, meaning you don't have to connect a switch. The output is via 2 terminal blocks labelled "L" for live and "N" for neutral. Each has 4 connections so if you are wiring to several transformers it isn`t a problem.

The board measures 75mm (width) x 100mm (length) x 35mm (height). It is fitted onto 2 x M4 hexagonal standoffs that are 10mm in height. The fixing holes are 84mm apart.

This module gives amazing results and is easy to fit.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operation Voltage: 230/240V AC and 110/115V AC available
  • Maximum Total Continous Current: 10A.
  • Maximum AUX Current: 1A.
  • Maximum Total Power: 2300 Watts.
  • Maximum DC blocking: +/-1.2V DC.
  • Delay time: 1 sec.

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