Ohmite Audio Gold Resistors

Ohmite Audio Gold Resistors

Ohmite now offers the Audio Gold Resistor Family, specifically designed for high-end loudspeaker and amplifier applications. These resistors utilize high quality resistance wire wound on a ceramic core, terminated, and finished with their flameproof Centohm® coating.

Ohmite’s Audio Gold resistors have been carefully engineered with non-magnetic materials to eliminate the effects of these stray magnetic fields on circuit performance, thereby resulting in simplified shielding requirements and improved sound quality. Audio Gold resistors are designed for use in cross-over networks and as source, emitter, or cathode resistors in balancing applications for output transducers.

Hificollective carry the AG5, 5 Watt and AG10, 10 Watt range.


  • Non-magnetic materials
  • Mono-metallic design
  • Welded connections
  • Reduces signal distortion
  • Minimizes thermal EMF
  • Reduces current noise
  • Superior mid-range frequency performance
  • Improved stability


  • Resistive material: copper-nickel
  • Core material: Ceramic
  • Coating material: Centohm®
  • Terminals: copper-nickel
  • Tolerance: 5% 
  • Temperature Coefficient: 50ppm/°C
  • Overload: 5W and under, 5x rated power for 5 sec.; 10W and above, 10x rated power for five sec.
  • Derating: Linearly from 100% @ 25°C to 0% @ 275°C

Dimensions and Ranges:

  • AG5 range 0.1R to 6K8, dimensions - body: 8.7mm diameter x 24mm length, leadouts: 0.8mm diameter x 40mm length 
  • AG10 range 0.1R to 22K, dimensions - body: 10.3mm diameter x 45.2mm length, leadouts: 0.8mm diameter x 40mm length 

PRICE 1 off (each)
AG5, 5 Watt Ohmite Audio Gold resistors - £2.50+ vat+p&p
AG10, 10 Watt Ohmite Audio Gold resistors- £4.10 +vat+p&p


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