Seas T35C002 Midrange, E0055-06 - Excel Series

Seas T35C002 Midrange, E0055-06 - Excel Series

The T35C002 is a classic dome midrange tweeter with high sensitivity and smooth, extended frequency response. A coated fabric dome with an integral surround manufactured by Dr. K. Müller in Germany ensures excellent performance and consistency. This supplier was among the first in the world to offer fabric dome diaphragms and did produce the diaphragm for the famous 1.5” Dome Tweeter H087, developed by Seas in 1968. A small, high-efficiency Neodymium ring magnet in a carefully designed system contributes to high sensitivity and low distortion. The top plate and T-yoke are CNC machined for excellent precision. A well-damped vented pole and a rigid rear chamber ensure a low resonance frequency and smooth response. A generously underhung 35mm voice coil wound from copper-clad aluminum wire further enhances the sensitivity. Flexible lead-out wires and venting holes in the aluminum coil former help reduce noise to a minimum. A 7mm thick precision die-cast aluminum front plate with moderate horn loading ensures linear frequency response and represents an extremely stable platform for the magnet system and the moving parts.


  • Nominal Impedance 6 Ohms Recommended Frequency Range 1500 - 25000 Hz
  • Short Term Power Handling 250W Long Term Power Handling 100W
  • Characteristic Sensitivity (2.83V, 1m) 95.0 dB
  • Voice Coil Diameter 35mm Voice Coil Height 2.0mm Air Gap Height 3.0mm Linear Coil Travel (p-p) 1.0mm
  • Voice Coil Resistance 4.6 Ohms Voice Coil Inductance 0.06mH
  • Force Factor 4.3 N/A
  • Free Air Resonance 620Hz
  • Moving Mass 0.47g Effective Piston Area 11.9cm2
  • Magnetic Gap Flux Density 1.6T
  • Magnet Weight 35g
  • Total Weight 0.37kg


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