Xhadow Reference RCA plugs, small version

Xhadow Reference RCA plugs, small version

The reference level connector. Accepts up to a 7mm overall cable. Bold, elegant, perfect.

The Xhadow Precision RCA is truly the best made RCA plug in the world. Precision, purity, simplicity, and elegance are the hallmarks of Xhadow products, and this RCA embodies those sentiments with no room for equivocation.

The main barrel and rear-nut are lathed from pure aluminum rod-stock and anodized in "Xhadow Gray" for a durable and non-conductive finish. 

Into this barrel, the assembly fits the contact assembly. Each one is machined from OFC pure copper, silver plated, with a machined Teflon dielectric, and an OFC pure copper machined contact that is also silver plated. Each contact allows the termination of wire to be completed via solder, set-screw, or both. This gives the end-user a tremendous amount of flexibility while also allowing them to guarantee a fantastic contact interface with their wires. The inner signal barrel can receive a wire of up to 1.6mm. The earth connection, the body's inner body of the connector is solderable.

The fit of these connectors is smooth but very strong, with a tremendous amount of contact pressure to ensure perfect and consistent signal passage with a minimum of contact resistance.

Five colour marking rings are supplied, black, red, green, yellow, and blue. 

Priced per pair: £75.00 +vat +p&p


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