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Psvane ACME 300B Valve, matched pair

Psvane ACME WE300-B Valve, matched pair

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The Psvane ACME Supreme series is there top-end range of valves with the intention to create a truly new production valve that cannot be beaten.

After 5 years of develop they feature the following:

  • a graphite and mesh material that allows synchronized expansion even at 600 Celsius temperature, high emission capacity, and super stability.
  •  Overhang filament structure to achieve very airy and high-resolution sound reproduction. Vintage style globe shape glass enclosure on these models.
  • Teflon base with sand blasted aluminum cover – no finger print residual!
  • German solder used in pin connection and of course, gold plated!

How do they sound? Here are what factory said after A/B audition by audiophiles at pre-launch:

  • ACME Supreme 300B vs. Western Electric 300B (1998 production): “Clarity and transparency are stunningly better on the Supreme series, you can almost touch the singer in the sound stage. Scarily live! For mid-range that Western Electric 300B has always been lusted for, ACME Supreme 300B doesn’t lack any texture, fullness, richness, and tonality. Audiophiles say that ACME wins hands down on depth and width of sound stage comparing to Western Electric 300B (1998 production)! It is of all the classic vintage sound signature – the absolute analog sound! “

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