Cube Audio Magus Loudspeakers

Cube Audio Magus Loudspeakers

The Cube Audio Magus features their top-of-the-range 8-inch full-range driver, the F8 Magus, to read more about the driver, click HERE.

Handcrafted in Poland using precision engineering techniques, these loudspeakers are available in a combination of white or black drivers in a black of white piano finish cabinet.

To give you an idea of their amazing sound, here is a sample of what the reviewers are saying:

"Clean, pinpoint imaging, fantastic layering, and fast. I expected these speakers to be more uplifted in the treble region, but there was a beautiful layer of dense colour. Admittedly, a very difficult balance to achieve in an audio system." - Jay Luong, Audio Bacon.

"Real instruments and vocals are bread and butter for full range drivers, and the Magnus Loudspeakers shine very brightly. But here is the major twist - they work with every type of music without hinting at a struggle. I strongly believe that Magnus can hold its ground against regular two or three-way speakers with ease in this regard. They are that good." - David Grzyb, Hi-Fi Knights.

Have a read of the Cube Audio Awards page  HERE.

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If you wish to audition any Audio Cube loudspeaker, please contact one of the following

07956 570944


01707 320788






  • ​Power: 40 W
  • Efficiency: 94 dB
  • Frequency response: 36 Hz - 22kHz ( 6db)

* Frequency response may vary and depends on room size and accompanying electronic equipment.

Speaker dimensions:

  • Width / depth / height = 25cm x 40cm x 100cm
  • Weight = 29kg

Sold as a pair, cabinet available in white or black, driver units available in white or black
£6184.42 excluding vat + P&P

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