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Jantzen Tweeters

Designed and built by Jantzen Audio, this range of tweeters provides something for every purpose and every budget.

The Jantzen Audio JDT-1024 Diamond Tweeter™ has received praises from DIY enthusiast and audio professionals alike. It features an all aluminium fo...

Jantzen Audio JDT 1024, Diamond Tweeter

Waveguide specially developed for the Audax TW034 tweeter. Made from high-density, non-resonant POM plastic.

Jantzen Waveguide for Audax TW034

The Jantzen Audio JA-2806™ is an affordable soft dome tweeter, offering great performance compared to its reasonable price. A solid design used by...

Jantzen Audio JA 2806, 6 ohm Soft Dome Tweeter

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