Elekit TU-8200VK customer assembly

Elekit TU-8200VK customer asblemley

An excellent image showing a customer's setup including the Elekit TU-8200VK painted matt black and using KT88 valves.

Below you can read a description of his setup. Very impressive.

"I run the amp into a pair of DIY LS3 5a’s which I built back in the 70s when I worked for the BBC and fell in love with their performance. Alongside you will have noticed a pair of Pioneer RT707s. I transferred most of my vinyl collection to tape some years ago and have supplemented the collection with recordings from other sources over the years. The RT707 is a brilliant recorder and with its auto-reverse functionality and high recording spec, it easily matches the performance of the Revox A77, which is tucked away upstairs somewhere promised to my son at some point. The PC next to the amp is used to run Amazon Music the optical output of which drives a 196khz DAC which feeds the Eleckit amp, Ultra HD from Amazon Music really is the D-gs B---ks. This is one area that I intend to change as I believe that there is a DAC upgrade/add-on available for the Eleckit amp. On the other side of the amp is a Denon RCD-M41DAB tuner amp."

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