Glasshouse Tag Strip 07

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Glasshouse Tag Strip 07

Made from 3mm FR-4 composite board, high copper content, and brass turret tags. 

This is the 7 solder turrets type. Ideal for scratch builds and modification hardwiring. We also have 3, 5, and 10 turret tag strips.

10mm wide x 81mm long x 13mm high.
Fixing hole centres 72mm apart. (3.25mm diameter for M3 screws)
Turret tags centre 8.5mm apart. 

The tag strips are supplied with the turret tags fitted. Please select which plate you require. We offer silver-plate and gold-plate. The fixing kits are also available stand-offs and screws.

Price (1 off)
silver plate - £3.60 + vat +p&p
gold plate - £4.70 + vat +p&p


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