JB Capacitors, JFX Series Polypropylene Capacitors

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JB Capacitors, JFX Series Polypropylene Capacitors

JB Capacitors offer a large range of capacitors of various types and grades. We are stocking their Premium Metalized range, the JFX Series as they are their top performing signal capacitors and offer amazing quality at a very affordable price. These axial polypropylene capacitors are suitable for loudspeaker crossover and low voltage signal use. A highly respectable capacitor with a good range of values available.

  • Quick transient design
  • Capacitance ±3%
  • Very Low Dielectric absorption factor
  • Very Low Dissipation factor
  • Very Low ESR
  • Very Low Inductance
  • Excellent handling of high current audio pulses
  • Rated at 250Vdc
  • 1uF to 300uF values available
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