Allen Bradley Type W Mono Potentiometers

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Allen Bradley Type W Mono Potentiometers

Miniature carbon track potentiometer from Allen Bradley. Type W, single turn, 10% tolerance, 0.5W rated linear type. Type W denotes that 20% of the total impedance is achieved at 50% of the full turn. Thereby giving great control at lower volume.

Slotted shaft of 3mm (1/8 inch) diameter x 15.5mm (3/8 inch) length.
Bush measures 6.2mm diameter x 7.5mm height.
Overall length 38mm (including solder tag)
body measures 13mm diameter x 16mm height (including solder tag)

We have stocks of 1K and 0.2M

PRICE - £7.00+vat+p&p

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