Tag Strip, 1 tag

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Tag Strip, 1 tag

1 tag, tag strip, ideal for hardwiring, built on 1.8mm thick brown Paxolin board. 2 versions available.  

Dimensions: 10mm (width, including paxolin board) x 20mm (height) x 12mm (depth, including paxolin board),  fixing hole 4mm in diameter. Tag hole, for connections / soldering - oval shaped 2.1mm x 3.9mm

Sold individually

PRICE 1off

TAG101BT: Brass tags, nickel/tin plated (non-magnetic) - £0.27+vat+p&p - NO LONGER MADE

TAG101BS: Brass tags, silver plated (non-magnetic) - £0.30+vat+p&p

TAG101BG: Brass tags, gold plated (non-magnetic) - £0.60+vat+p&p

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