Audio Note 99.999% silver Tonearm wire

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Closeup view of Audio Note 99.999% silver tonearm wire

The ultimate wire for rewiring your tonearm, made from three individually insulated strands of 0.05mm Audio Note 99.999% pure silver wire, each strand has six coats of polyurethane. Note 99.999% pure silver wire. This is not just the best-sounding wire. It is also the most flexible, so why not upgrade the sonic performance of your tonearm dramatically with a rewire?

Available in: 

Blue (AN-WIRE-310)

Red (AN-WIRE-320)

Green (AN-WIRE-330)

And Clear (AN-WIRE-300).

Sold in multiples of 0.5 metres. We supply in one continuous length. Generally, 50cm lengths are adequate for rewiring a tonearm.

Please note this wire is incredibly thin, and a certain amount of skill is required to use it. The wire will disintegrate if heated too much.

To outline the process - tin the tip of your soldering iron with solder. At the same time, the solder is smouldering quickly, run the wire end through the solder bubble. Allow the wire to cool, and repeat. After 2 or 3 times, the polyurethane coating has melted, and the end of the wire will be tinned. When soldering to your cartridge clip, tin the clip and dip the wire end in while the solder is liquid. Do this quickly.

PRICE, 0.5m length
£20.53 +vat+p&p


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