Elma - Classic British concentric knob set - GREY

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Elma - Classic British concentric knob set - GREY

A classically designed concentric knob for dual control of a device with an inner 3mm shaft and an outer 6.3mm (1/4 inch) shaft will accommodate a 6mm diameter shaft. Such arrangements are used in stereo volume controls whereby both channels can be controlled separately. Both sections are marked. The inner knob fits to the shaft via two socket set screws, as does the outer section. Overall dimensions are 20mm in height x 25mm in diameter.

• Made to exact vintage dimensions
• Secure shaft fixing via 2 set screws per knob
• Rugged, all-metal construction
• Beautiful powder coat finish with smooth surface feel (inner knob)
• Original fluted designs and precision diamond knurling (outer knob)

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