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Vacuum Tube Valley: Issue 02 Volume 1

Vacuum Tube Valley: Issue 02 Volume 1


Tube industry news - The latest happenings

Guitar amplifiers - the best tone - Charlie Kittleson and Terry Buddington

Tube Matching - Optimising your push pull amps

Heathkit: early tube years - in its day - the largerst manufacturer of electronic kits

Magnum SE amplifier - Dave Wolze - a design with power and punch

Tube review: EL-34 - one of the most popular tueves of all time

Early Cinema sound - VTV examines and early Western Electric system


Price; £9.00 +p&p


  • Key Features
  • Guitar amplifiers
  • Tube Matching
  • Heathkit: early tube years
  • Magnum SE amplifier
  • Tube review: EL-34
  • paperback
  • black and white print
  • 38 pages
  • 218mm x 280mm
  • 150g
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