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Audio Note AN-P RCA plug

Audio Note AN-P RCA plug

High-end AN-P Audio Note heavily silver plated RCA plug, teflon insulated and non-magnetic. Available in four different tail end diameters (entry hole for interconnect cable) - 12mm, 10mm, 8mm & 6mm.

CON-308-6 (blk) / CON-307-6 (red) - 6mm tail end, ie can receive cable up to 6mm diameter

CON-308-8 (blk) / CON-307-8 (red) - 8mm tail end

CON-308-10 (blk) / CON-307-10 (red) - 10mm tail end

CON-308-12 (blk) / CON-307-12 (red) - 12mm tail end

Sold individually, available with red or black markings.

PRICE (each)

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