CMC-805-2.5CUR-AG thick silver plate RCA sockets

CMC-805-CU-AG double silver plate RCA sockets

High Performance RCA Terminal Sockets, non-magnetic, high purity copper base, thick silver plated.

Sold in pairs, 1 marked red and 1 white.

PRICE (1 pair)
 £22.00 +vat+p&p



CMC product code CMC-805-2.5CUR-AG

  • Non-magnetic direct double Silver Plated
  • High purity copper Housing
  • PVC (red, white) Mounting Insulation set and PETF Teflon Inner insulation
  • Mounting Insulation set to accommodate panels of any thickness
  • Connections: Soldered
  • Mounting Insulation set--- PVC(Red, White), 11mm diameter X 3.7mm thick,
  • 30.0mm overall length
  • 11mm diameter fixing hole required
  • Extra long neck allow 1-5mm thick chassis


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