NewClassD - Single Op-amps

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NewClassD - Single Op-amps

Most signal sources and many power amplifiers use operational amplifiers, as their main active component, being used for amplifying, filtering, and impedance conditioning of the audio signal. This means the audio properties of these OPAMPs have a powerful effect on the sound of your audio appliance. Even OPAMP's with good data, like very low THD specification, still have very different sonic properties. This tells us that the technical specification alone is not the defining factor for sound quality.

Classically there has been a few IC OPAMP's considered good for Audio, and with golden qualities. But today it is in debate if even these very expensive chips are really capable of getting the best sound out of your CD player, DVD player, preamplifier, or power amplifier. Also, when you add the fact that most commercial audio players use cheap OP-AMP's.

The NewClassD discrete OPAMPs are based on a novel 12 transistor circuit with very high linearity. Therefore low open loop amplification is possible, leading to natural, relaxed sound with a very high detail and perfect tonal balance. The circuit implies current mirrors, which are implemented with ultra-low noise green LEDs. This gives the amplifier very good low noise performance.

The input stage is bipolar unlike some other discrete OPAMP's available on the market. This gives our module the best possible stability under all real-life uses and also gives improved protection against static electricity. Bipolar transistors also tend to sound cleaner and more dynamic than FET's in the input stage.

It will drop directly into DIP8 single or dual footprints in a CD, DVD, Preamp or soundcard. It's based on brand new technology, which will provide world-class sound performance in your existing product. Compared to other existing products this module is made with low inductance non-magnetic components and a special high-speed circuit with extremely low THD (0.0003%). Current mirrors are made with the lowest noise LED references. Resulting in a clean and coherent sound experience, with complete 'black background'.

This new OP-Amp module is drop-in compatible with AD711, AD811, AD825, AD847, AD8610, AD797, LM6171, LME49710, LME49990, LT1028, NE5534, OPA134, OPA604, OPA627, TL071, TL081, TLE2071CP etc. for singles.

The DX discrete OPAMP is extremely fast, and this normally means you have to be very careful with decoupling the supply rails. Therefore we placed pads for mounting optional decoupling caps on the module itself, in case some CD players had poor decoupling on the motherboard. However, our real-life tests now show, that because of the relative low open-loop gain, the OPAMP is stable even with very poor decoupling. With up to 60 cm of wire between the module and the nearest decoupling cap, it's still stable. That leads us to a decision to remove the local decoupling caps in the next production batch, in order to free up 8mm of space on height above the motherboard. Should you wish to add local decoupling caps, this is still possible by placing them under the motherboard.

Upgrading a Sony - Image below

In this SONY player the modules simply drop-in, the upgrade takes only 15 minutes and gives a dramatic improvement in resolution and clarity, even if it's only a midrange CD player.

Unique features of the MK.II, the new OPAMPs feature ultra-low noise Japanese audio transistors, and also a new compensation network, allowing for a higher slew rate, and lower distortion, while maintaining unity gain stability. This way the NewClassD OP-AMP is still drop-in compatible with most audio analog stages.

Disclaimer: Each module is individually tested before dispatch. However, incorrect installation of the product will risk damaging the CD player. We are not responsible for any damages incurred from the installation of this module. If you are not confident with installing the op-amps please use the services of someone who is.

Dimensions (including solder pins)
24mm width x 16mm depth x 37mm height

Sold individually.

PRICE (each)
Standard version - £25.75 +vat +p&p - DISCONTINUED. Superceded by the "ULTIMATE" Version

PRICE (each)
Special Edition version - £29.00 +vat +p&p - DISCONTINUED. Superseded by the "ULTIMATE" Version

PRICE (each)
Ultimate Edition MK1 version - £30.00 +vat +p&p (reduced) - DISCONTINUED, a few are in stock still. Superseded by the "ULTIMATE MK2" Version

PRICE (each)
Ultimate Edition MK2 version - £34.00 +vat +p&p 

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