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Audio Note 6% silver solder

Audio Note 6% silver solder, 5m length

Audio Note 6% Silver, lead free solder

After many requests we now have stock of the highly regarded silver solder from Audio Note. As used in the production of their finished products. Contains a high 6% silver so ideal for high end equipment. Also contains 91% Sn (tin) 2% Cu (copper) and 1% Antimony. Easy to use and flows incredibly well, no flux required. Ideal temperature for use is 390 degrees C, will work well with a 25 Watt iron.



Solder diameter is 1mm 
Sold in 5m lengths, 25 grams and 500g reels (approx. 100m)
Please note the picture is a 500g reel

PRICE (1 off)
5 meter length - £13.95 +vat+p&p

500g reel - £248.05 +vat+p&p


Big Picture: 

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