Mundorf 3.8% silver/gold solder

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Mundorf 3.8% silver/gold solder

Easy to use solder, Mundorf's silver/gold solder is used where it is necessary to guarantee the excellent sound properties of silver and gold. qualities.

Specifications: 95.5%Sn/0.7%Cu/3.8%Ag&Au - 1mm Dia. - 2.5% Flux - Lead and Cadmium Free. Melting point 217 C/422 F.

5m length - £15.00 +vat +p&p
50g reel - £25.50 +vat +p&p (Approx. 8.5m)
100g reel - £43.77 +vat +p&p (Approx. 17m)
330g reel - £131.46 +vat +p&p (Approx. 56m)

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