Oyaide SPSL Platinum/Silver plated spades (set of 4)

Oyaide SPSL Platinum/Silver plated spades (set of 4)

SPSL is a state-of-the-art spade lug that creates an aura of elegance. After repeated listening tests, Oyaide employed RoHS compliant pure brass for the base material and a combination of silver + platinum plating.

The main body is trimmed from a phosphor bronze bar of 15mm in diameter by precision CNC machining and is finished by mechanical barreling and hand polishing piece by piece.

The highly-rigid 5mm stainless screw is used for the 4mm cable penetration part. This infills inside space between the body and the screw. The blue screws, made of stainless with quench hardening treatment, are highly-rigid and emphasize the beauty of SPSL.

Dual-screw rocking system:

For the cable connection method, a dual-screw rocking system is employed as well as SRBN. By employing the 5mm dual-screw connection system, it in-fills the internal space and holds the conductor perfectly.


  • Product: SPSL
  • Body material: Pb free pure brass (RoHS)
  • Plating : Silver( 1.5 Ohms)+ Platinum(0.3 Ohms)
  • Connection: Dual Screw Clamp method
  • Terminals: 6.0mm or 8.0mm compatible
  • Install O.D.: – 4.0mm  (5.5sq)
  • Package: 4 pieces in a box
  • Attachment: L-from hex wrench

PRICE (4 off)
£216.67 + vat + p&p

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