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The full range of banana plugs and spades from Jantzen.

See PRICES for Jantzen Spades & Bananas.


Low-cost gold plated 4mm banana plug from Jantzen. Solder connection can accommodate wires up to 4mm in diameter. The overall length is 35mm, the w...

012-0120 Jantzen Banana Plug, Solder type, Gold plated

Jantzen`s banana BFA plug features an outer shell that screws in from the male part. Gold plated. Relies upon 2 grub screws per connector to give a...

012-0130 Jantzen Banana BFA Plug, grub screw type, Gold plated

Jantzen banana plug that is suited for those that wish to have a side cable entry. The side opening is a large 6.5mm in diameter, the cable is held...

012-0140 Jantzen Banana Plug, Side screw-in type, Gold plated

Rugged banana BFA plugs for Jantzen. Double gold plated connectors that rely on 2 grub screws per connector for excellent contact with your speaker...

012-0150 Jantzen Banana BFA Plug, Grub screw type, Gold plated

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