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KLE Innovations Classic Harmony Banana Plug

KLE Innovations Classic Harmony Banana Plug

The all-new KLE Innovation banana plug is a unique design. Each banana is effectively a double cylinder with the longer banana element being piggybacked by a smaller (0.3 times the length) which the speaker cable is connected to. It can receive a cable up to 4mm in diameter. The banana plug top portion can receive another banana plug so that they can be stacked. The connection can be crimped or soldered. The plugs slot into their red or black insulated housing (a high-temperature melting point thermoplastic polymer). They do have a very tight fit within all the binding posts I have tried. This makes the KLEI™ bananas incredibly versatile. Please refer to the picture links below to get a clearer understanding.

The actual copper conductor has a huge IACS rating of above 101%, they are silver plated to a high standard.

The Classic Harmony Bananas are sold in packs of 8, 4 with red housing and 4 with black housing.


  • Proprietary mathematical modelling optimises mass, thickness, and composition of the conductive pins to enhance electron flow, incorporated in accordance with KL’s proprietary Classic Signal/Ground formula, where extrapolated results are even >101% IACS.
  • The KLEI™Harmony banana pins allow for crimping, if necessary.
  • As a connector, the KLEI™Harmony banana pins allow for easy soldering of small to large wires and for single stacking/connection of another banana.
  • As an adaptor, the KLEI™Harmony banana pins allow for dual stacking/connection which permits two KLEI™Harmony bananas to be connected to one KLEI™Harmony banana.
  • The KLEI™Harmony banana housing is inserted/connected, from the front, after soldering the wire to the KLEI™Harmony banana pin. Once connected the KLEI™Harmony banana housing assists in supporting the soldered cable, once the rear door is shut and locked.
  • The KLEI™Harmony banana housing utilises a high-temperature melting point thermoplastic polymer.
  • Recommendations: >125hrs Burn-in, Cable Conductor OD sizes up to 4mm (6awg).

PRICE 1 pack (4 red, 4 black bananas)
£54.15 +vat+p&p


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