SC-04GP: Yarbo gold plated BFA banana plugs

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SC-04GP: Yarbo gold plated BFA banana plugs

The SC-04GP are similar to the WBT bananas. These are BFA, Z-plug style, but ultimately are 4mm bananas plugs. They are constructed from Gold-plated copper alloy.

Can receive cables up to 5.5mm in diameter. They are non-solderable plugs. The preferred method is using cable end sleeves or bare wire. There are two grub screws. The inner makes the electrical connection, and the outer holds the sleeved wire section in place. The overall length is 45mm, and the width at the widest point is 15mm.

They are sold as a pair with red and black markings.

PRICE (pair)
£19.35 +vat +p&p

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