Turret tags

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Turret tags

Glasshouse`s turret tags fit snugly into a 2.6mm diameter hole. The total height is 13.5mm, and the height above the board once fitted is 8.7mm. Each turret is hollow to a diameter of 1.25mm. Sold in bags of 20. The turret tag fitting tool is required to fit the tags. It works by placing the hollow over the turret tag, lining up with the hole and driving in place with a hammer.

The turret tags are composed of a high copper content brass (non-magnetic) and are available in silver and gold plates.

PRICE (bag of 20)
Silver plated - £6.88+vat+p&p
Gold plated - £10.60+vat+p&p
fitting tool - £2.00+vat+p&p - you can buy HERE!


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