Antex 25 watt soldering iron

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Antex 25 watt soldering iron

Antex Soldering Iron XS25W 230V with PVC Cable and 13A Plug

This 230V soldering iron from the XS range is light, compact and well balanced for ease and satisfaction of use. 

Antex have ensured maximum heat transfer into the bit, and minimum heat loss to ambient by designing the bit to wrap around the heating elements which means the inner ceramic shaft provides near-perfect insulation with virtually no leakage. The effects of this design are such that test have proven an ANTEX 25 watt iron has the equivalent soldering power to many other manufacturers' 40 watt irons. 


  • Built to Meet BS EN60335-2-45
  • CE Conformity
  • Virtually no leakage (3 to 5µA)
  • Outer stainless steel shaft for strength
  • 420°C temperature range
  • 230V supply voltage
  • 25W power rating
  • 1.5m cord length
  • Supplied with a 2.3mm chisel bit
  • Bits are held on the element shaft by an internal spring clip
  • Bits simply slide on or off for changing
  • Slide-on hanging hooks for the irons are available separately
  • Antex type XS25W

Price: £25.07 +vat +p&p


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