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Glasshouse Octal/UX4 valve holder board

Glasshouse Octal/UX4 valve holder board

The perfect solution for mounting a stand alone octal or UX4 valve base in an enclosed chassis, providing links to the underside pins without having to turn the base over. Underside has a copper earth plate. Can fit any octal valve base or any CMC UX4 socket sold by hificollective. 2 versions available, centre hole diameter 26.5mm(version 1) or 28mm(version 2), depending on which valve base you want to use with it.(see table below).  Dimensions 55mm x 55mm x 3.2mm, FR4 material used, providing a stable base. Can be purchased with or without valve bases, standoffs or turret tags.

PRICE 1off (with turret tags fitted)

PRICE 1off (without turret tags)


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