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Elekit TU-8600RVK 300B Amplifier Kit Assembly (Part 3)

Continuing from part 2 of the Elekit TU-8600RVK amp build here we see Nick start the main assembly and prepare the transformers for the final stage

Elekit launched a limited run of their TU-8600 in November 2017. So successful was the launch they created 2 subsequent versions, the TU-8600R and TU-8600RVK. The former has the Elekit's standard E and I output transformers and the latter the C-Core Lundahl LL2770B. In this series we'll build the Lundahl TU-8600RVK version.

Whilst maybe ambitious for a beginner, easy to follow instructions make this kit a great step into amplification assembly for anybody with a steady-hand and a spare day!

Watch out for part 3 to see the final build, and a subsequent sound review to come soon!


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