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Elekit TU-8600RVK 300B Amplifier Kit Assembly (Part 5)

Continuing from part 4 of the Elekit TU-8600RVK amp build video heres the fifth and final video, where Nick finds out where we went wrong and we get the first listen of the preamp through some old cabinets lying around the warehouse (and also through the handy headphone output!)

Elekit launched a limited run of their TU-8600 in November 2017. So successful was the launch they created 2 subsequent versions, the TU-8600R and TU-8600RVK. The former has the Elekit's standard E and I output transformers and the latter the C-Core Lundahl LL2770B. In this series we'll build the Lundahl TU-8600RVK version.

Whilst maybe ambitious for a beginner, easy to follow instructions make this kit a great step into amplification assembly for anybody with a steady-hand and a spare day!


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