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Dalby Audio Design DAL-620S Silver / Copper Multistrand Cable

Dalby Audio Design DAL-620S Silver / Copper Multistrand Cable

After working with Lee Dalby from Dalby Audio Design for years we are proud to announce that we now have on offer their amazing cables, 2 versions aimed at the signal cable market.

The large gauge version is intended for loudspeaker cable use. The DAL-620S is composed of 20 strands of 0.6mm diameter pure silver surface over soft annealed oxygen-free copper. Double wrapped in fine dark blue/black silk for insulation. This holds the 20 conductors in a spiral formation. Silk has excellent di-electric properties, enhancing the performance dramatically.

To be clear this is not a silver-plated cable, which is why this cable is so interesting. Effectively when the wire is drawn the pure silver creates an outer sheathing over the soft annealed pure copper. So in effect, the silver covering is thicker than a silver plate. The fusion of the silver to the copper hasn't been subjected to conditions required for plating, this can only be a positive thing.

This premium grade, hybrid silver/copper multistrand cable gives a smooth yet effortless sound while retaining the speed, detail, and dynamics of pure silver. Dalby Audio Design recommends adding an additional silk sleeve to the cable in order to maximize the full potential of the cable. The character of both cables can be described as musical. Scale, tone, and detail are all in abundance.


  • Pure silver surface over OFC soft annealed copper
  • Double weave blue/black silk insulation
  • 0.6mm x 20 conductors
  • 10AWG (5.16 mm2)
  • 0.03 Ohms resistance over 5m
  • Implementation: Speaker Cable and Ground wire
  • Outer diameter 3.5mm

PRICE (0.5m length)
£62.50 +vat+p&p

Supplied as a continuous length with 10cm of clear heat-shrink to be used to hold the silk ends in place when you cut the cable down.

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