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YA Audio combined silver & silver plated cable

YA Audio combined silver & silver plated cable

This great performing interconnect consists of 2 pure silver wires and 2 silver plated OFC wires. The 99.999% silver conductors are sheathed in red and white, 30 x 0.08mm diameter strands, AWG 21, these are used for the signal portion. The silver plated copper conductors, sheathed in blue and black arr each made of 40 x 0.12mm diameter strands. These are used for the earth portion. Also present is an aluminium sheet shielding. Can be used for high efficiency speaker cable too. Sheathed in a thick red PVC jacket.

Complete cable diameter 8.15mm. Sold in multiples of 0.5 metres. We supply in one continous length.

PRICE, 0.5m length mono length


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