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CNDP-N speaker pin, billet brass, nickel plate. Solderable angled speaker pin to connect easily to binding posts. Can receive wires up to 5.75mm diameter.

Cardas CNDP-N Speaker Pin

New to Hificollective are the Miflex range of paper and polypropylene dielectric metal film capacitors housed in insulated paper resin tubes. Currently available as axials in aluminium 

Miflex Capacitors

New in from Duelund is this superb 8" drive unit. Key features are Dual magnets, Titanium voice coil former, Coated kevlar membrane, Wooden phase plug (Black) and a Coated low loss foam surround.

Duelund 8" Precision Audio Driver

Now also available in: 15R, 75R, 390R, 2K7, 3K9, 5K6, 7K5, 18K and 390K...

Audio Note Silver 2W Tants

The Duelund DCA26GA - A new thinner gauge, tinned solid copper wire, in cotton and oil insulation...

 DCA26GA - Tinned solid copper wire in cotton and oil

Read all about our time at the Munich High End Show 2017

Munich Hi End Show & Deluxe Show 2017 Report

We are pleased to say that the Audio Note Tantalum 2W range above 100K is back in stock - after being out of production for some time...

Audio Note 2W Tant - above 100k

This is a limited production run with copper finish and improved mid-range. The Sol variant has a double layer paper cone and low distortion outer magnet circuit for better resolution and more articulate reproduction.

Fostex FE83En Sol 80mm

We now have stock of the brand new replacement for the Bullet plugs - The copper and Silver LINK RCA...

New LINK RCA Plugs From ETI

Just arrived - the all new Duelund RCA plugs - Gold or Rhodium plated available

Just arrived - the all new Duelund RCA plugs - Gold or Rhodium plated available

We now stock the MS HD Power US plug range - Gold, Silver and Rhodium plated versions available...

MS HD Power MS515G US mains plug, Gold plated

We now stock the 4 pole (balanced) version of TKD's superb 6 way selector switch...

TKD Ko-on 4R6A 4 pole 6 way Selector Switch

AWG38 99.99% Pure Silver enamelled wire. 0.1mm diameter. Ideal for tonearm applications...

0.1mm 99.99% Pure Silver Wire Enamelled

The PCB version of Elma's 1 pole 24 way mono attenuator switch is now in stock...

Elma 1 pole 24 way switch, 04-1133-20 PCB

Earth/Grounding post, Non-magnetic, billet Brass, Rhodium over Silver plate - Now in stock...

Cardas ACBP-S Earth Post

Now in stock, the 18W, 8546-01 is a direct replacement for the iconic yellow 18W 8546-00 driver...

ScanSpeak 18W, 8546-01

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