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50 new values of this amazing UK made Silver Mica cap from Charcroft

The silver, gold and rhodium plated Hi-end blues now available.

MS HD Blue UK Mains Plug

As we see out 2017, James (left), Matt (right) and I (centre) would like to extend our fullest Christmas and New Year best wishes to all our customers and their families, with thanks for your support and custom during 2017.

Merry Christmas from Hificollective

New Blore Edwards` selector switches

New Blore Edwards` selector switches

New Rhodium plated XLR plugs from Neotech

New Rhodium plated XLR plugs from Neotech

3 new lines of Blore Edwards Attenuator Switches now in stock.

Blore Edwards Attenuator Switches

10 new values of the superb AN standard electrolytics now available...

Audio Note Electrolytic - new values

The best op-amp upgrade from NewClassD, the Ultimate

NewClass D Ultimate op-amps now in

We have added 18 new values of this superb "Black Gate" replacement cap from Audio Note

New values of Kaisei Caps

New to HFC are the improved voltage regulators from NewClassD Dexa..

New UWB2 Regulator

How to make this stunning speaker cable using the Neotech NES-3003 MKII cable and Audio Note CON-060Ag Banana plugs...

Building a Screened Speaker Cable

Due to a large stock investment we are now able to offer a new lower price on the ETI Cable-Pod binding posts...

ETI Research Cablepods

The excellent TKD CP-2500 series potentiometers are now available in mono 10, 20, 50 and 100K versions...

TKD CP-2500 Mono Potentiometers

The superb Jantzen Alumen Z-cap is now alvailable in 1uF and 1.5uF; these aluminium foil caps have a lovely natural tone with a slightly softer tonal presence and less  brightness / sheene / glare in comparison.

Jantzen Alumen Z-Cap - New Values

The Kaiser silver plated IEC plug is now available in a right-angled version...

Kaiser IEC plug, Right Angled

This is the latest in the range of Duelund's superb tinned copper multistrand wire in cotton sleeving...

Duelund DCA12GA

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