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Audio Note 0.5W Silver non-magnetic now in...

Audio Note 0.5W Silver non-magnetic Tantalum Resistors

Audio Note launched their 2W version of the Silver Tantalum Resistors nearly 4 years ago and they have proved to be incredibly popular. These gems feature their famous tantalum resistors constructed with pure silver end caps and lead-outs. We are proud to announce, having worked very closely with Audio Note the launch of their 0.5W version. These white-bodied resistors are only available through Hificollective. We now stock 68 values as you can see in the listing here https://www.hificollective.co.uk/catalog/audionote-0-5w-silver-tantalum-resistors.html

They are ideal for usage in the signal position and valve anode and cathode circuitry.

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