WBT Mounting Plates & Accessories

WBT Mounting Plates & Accessories

After numerous requests we have expanded the WBT range we stock and have begun with a number of products including the WBT-0718 impact sound interrupter, helping with sound vibrations from your speaker cabinet through to your speaker posts.

We have also bought the WBT-0725 Power Bridges in-store, used to bridge pairs of speaker posts together at the back of speaker cabinets. These are available in pure copper (Cu) or fine silver (Ag) for improved conductivity.

Finally, their range of anodised mounting plates is available in two finishes and 3 sizes, which can be used with any WBT pole terminal.

To read more about each use the links below.

WBT-0718 Impact sound interrupter

WBT-0725 Signature Power Bridge / Topline Power Bridge

WBT-0530 Aluminium anodised mounting plate, 110mm x 110mm

WBT-0531 Aluminium anodised mounting plate, 110mm x 150mm

WBT-0532 Aluminium anodised mounting plate, 127mm x 178mm

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