Glasshouse Speaker Cable Kit No.3

Glasshouse Speaker Kit No.3

Expanding our range of speaker cables here we have No.3 made from Neotech's NES-3005 MKII cable and SK8-B banana plugs made with WBT cable end sleeve crimps this time - no soldering. This cable has a very similar sound signature to that of kit No.2 but it has raised the bar. The cable has a very open, natural sound with a superb amount of detail and precision.

Contents: (for a pair of 2m cables)

Neotech NES-3005 MKII speaker cable x4m
Neotech OFC SK8-B Banana plugs x8
WBT-0434 End sleeves x8
6.4mm Red and Black heat shrink x 40cm

Available in various lengths. SOLD ONLY AS A KIT

Price (from):


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